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Creature Of The Night by Tahra
30.01.2005 02:56
A sharp wind blows,
A screech, a howl,

Teeth flash,
Claws clash.

Screams rent through the
Still night air
Blood spills upon the ground

A creature swoops,
Flys away,
As another's life force
Drifts to another plane of exsistence

Glowing eyes in the dark,
Watch, gleaming, as the creature's
Life is sucked away

Then turns, gloating over victory
Away, for another kill.
31.01.2005 12:36
Now that was some Poe stuff if ever there was. Keep up the good work.Thanks for the insight.
02.02.2005 13:21
Wow. This poem friggin' rocks. Thank you so much for sharing it.
06.03.2005 03:44
Thanks guys! By Poe, I'm guessing Edgar Allen? Thanks for the comparison! But I don't think I'm anywhere near as good as him!

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