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About Us By Amanda
31.01.2005 13:31
Forced apart
Too many times
But their love stayed strong
Though they led seperate lives...

After three years of waiting,
Never forgetting their past,
They meet up again
Determined to make it last...

But the child she carries
Strikes the fear in her heart...
Will the ghosts of her past
Be the reason they part?

But he somehow believes
It'll all be okay,
He still loves her more
With each passing day...

If this isn't true love,
I don't know what could be,
Cause I've never been as happy,
As I am when you're with me....
02.02.2005 12:28
That was beautiful what an amazing story I believe It's true love, I hope you do to.
03.02.2005 13:49
Thank you, Yohann... I've always believed it.
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