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John Paul Connell(yohannl)
02.02.2005 12:42
[Just this once i put my real name on for you I'll always love you.]
Damn The smart people
now don't get mad
but they are pretty dumb.
If I hate you,REALLY hate you,with alll my soul
I can say I loath you(I don't though)
But,If I love you,REALLY love you,(and I do)
Then What??what word do I use?
Well yes I soppose that will work.
I love you enough to give you ne thing,
My innocents and purity is yours if you want.
I'll do anything for you,
and Love you more with each passing day!
BUt still how do I say "I love You"?
Worship? no no not worship!
really? than what word should I use?
Well...You are my Godess,
I lay life aside for you.
If it would please you I,d stop the sun
Stop it so the 18th would never end.
To be your soul mate
I'd exchange my soul to bew with you.
For you and your son,
I'll do anything.
So I ask you my Love,
you Know who you are.
Will you marry me,
and let me Father our son.

[If ne reader knows a better word for Love tell me plz. Also sorry for this being so sappy.Ill be doing darker ones soon I promise.]
Happy Valentines Day!!
02.02.2005 12:59
John, Thank you so much for sharing this incredible poem... Again, you leave me breathless, speechless... I love You.And to your question, yes.
03.02.2005 12:41
Thanks mandi its always good to hear you say that!I love you too
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