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"Crimson stain" by YohannLestat
02.02.2005 20:53
The boy looks silently at his hands
the moon goes down and faddes out the light
The first light dances on the crimson stains.
on her body and His are signs of the night.
she suprisingly didnt plee or make a fuss
she only sat there allowing him to do it.
he had figured she'd raise the alarm
Luckly he was wrong ,good for him.

After such long weeks of planning,
This boy had done the unthinkable.
"He will never know what happened to her"
The boy shrills aloud
"she was mine and that man stole her."
Serves him right he deserves this
He brought this on himself
he caused this tragedy
it's his fault alone,not the boys.
This would never have happened if she was his.
The boy had been sooo messy, It was his first.
The crimson read was showered on the grass.
he had sprayed droplets every like a rain.
The boy spies the sun face with fear and hatred.
He pulls his gloves and jompsuit off
"It is done"
and tosses the evidence and slides away.

Soon the man will come looking for her
The boys night ends the mans day begins.
The man calls for his daughter.
He hade heard her shriek.
in the front yard he finds her in a deadly shock
He lookes where she is staring in fear
on the hood of their car the words
" The end is near"
14.02.2005 12:31
I read this poem and my god it sucks beyond compare.I can say that,I wrote it but if you agree tell me .How could I have put my name on such a horrific piece of "art work".I suppose we all have our bad daysLOL. so sorry to neone who read this.Better luck next time.
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