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Nerves, somewhat untitled
15.02.2005 23:30
it doesnít matter what time it is
the carpet will never be clean enough to satisfy me
i cant seem to close my eyes when i need the sleep
my mind is blank
but my nerves are a running engine
will it ever crash? is there a break to this machine?

this heart canít tell the difference
it pumps the blood, what more should it learn?
walking barefoot doesnít help and yet the ground is soft.
fibers between my toes, almost like sand
should be calming, without me losing balance
can i enjoy it soon?

stop pacing
walking faster encourages the thoughts to grow
and the speed of every word becomes unclear in my left ear
what would have been important
the word was nothing but a grainy sound.

maybe next week will be better
i wonít wish for an incoming bus to stop the pain
of all these nerves coursing through my veins.
Aquarelita - BG
21.02.2005 10:19
Kate, I really enjoy your poem. Thank you for sharing.
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