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"Immune" by me
Aquarelita - BG
21.02.2005 00:08
Iíd love to live without love
just so the confusion
and the pain would stop.
Because love,
my dear,
always comes with pain and sorrow.

Love makes us weak;
suddenly Iím afraid of loosing you,
even when you donít belong to me;
Because you donít belong to me.
You donít belong to anyone
and never will.
Youíre what I want to be,
I want to let true love pass by
just to escape the pain
thatís come to me
if true love were to fly away.
22.02.2005 12:25
That is the only poem I,ve been able to relate to.This poem has some serious truth to it I must say that I couldnt have said it better.I just pray that someday the pain and doubts will subside.
24.02.2005 13:11
You really should preform some of this stuff at the poetry slams silly. I really like it.
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