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"doubts i may have"
22.02.2005 12:38
Ive been doing this for so long
I looked and watched for so long
I got her back i should be happy
so why does it feel so wrong?

She loves yes all the day through
But I cant help ask what did i do
I said i would.I promise I will
But im never there my fate is sealed
Ill love him forever and you all the same
but are you sure i should give you my name?

I never am there
but the uncle is
Im sorry to say
thats just how it is

please understand Ill love you forever
but happened beforew and i dont want it again
she said we would be fine
than we broke apart
I,ve never been the same
I lost part of my heart.

I hope it never happens
that we,ll be together for ever
if the gods say it so
lets pray I,m that clever.

{my undieing love for you may we never part}
01.03.2005 12:45
no more doubts
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