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A Common Thread by pOllO
25.02.2005 20:30
draped over my shoulders
the latest
the greatest
the newest shawl

Covered in snags and loose ends
yes, I let you down
silk shifts

I guess you mistook ot
for a heroes cape

Hang it on a coat rack
and hope to never see it again

I tried my best to save you
to be god in a machine
with loose hanging strings

I held your weight
and i cushioned you
with cloths and blankets
from all they've said

But you cut the ropes
and now you're crying again

I hurts me to see you like this
to know that weaving another remedy
wouldn't be enough
to know
to hear from you
that my skills, my words, my shawls
can never cover you

That you'll suffer alone
and I can do nothing

We can run
keep running
sprint, run away

But how can I run
with so many layers?

06.03.2005 03:48
Oh wow, that was beautiful!
08.03.2005 21:17
danke xD
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