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Wonders Of The Golden Pages by Tahra
06.03.2005 04:54
Wonders of the Golden Pages

I open the door, and in I sneak,
Turning around for what I seek.
Wonders through the misty ages
As I turn the golden pages.

Where and when will I go today?
Who will I meet, and what will they say?
Mystics, Dragonís, Wizards and Mages,
As I turn the golden pages.

Maybe Iíll meet a Princes fair,
Maybe a battle I will hear.
Maybe a spaceship with lots of gauges,
As I turn the golden pages.

The Mysteries of the written word,
In imagination seen and heard
Animalís in zooís and cages
As I turn the golden pages.

As you can tell, Iím looking for books,
From cover to cover, who cares about looks?
Books of poetry from all different ages,
As I turn their golden pages.
08.03.2005 21:16
...that was FRICKIN AWESOME!!!! jealous...hehe xD...i like to read too...reading is coolio...i like the way you captured the whole feel of maybe meeting something in a book, i get that feeling too...good job, keep em comming...
09.03.2005 20:02
Thanks so much! Yea, I love books, I believe that reading a wonderfully written book is like meeting your new best friend, so much to discover. Thanks again!
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