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Love Lies Bleeding by me
18.12.2004 17:05
umm, hey guys. Found this site by accident, hopefully more people will come over.
here it is ////

I saw you, partaking in those tender ministrations,
Your hands were tangled with another’s in embrace.
And whilst I walked on by, unruffled, even frigid,
The rage that crashed inside had no reflection on my face.

Through tears, leers, and fluster, my hatred must prevail,
Composure kept, to hide the evidence of lust.
In minutes you would turn to me with innocent expressions,
A sacrifice’s been made in form precious trust.

But no, two can engage in such peripheral liaisons,
I’d like to see your countenance as you’d observe me.
As I parade, stone-eyed, upon your foul affections,
As cast in flames is to my heart the key.

Or would you suddenly become a grieving martyr?
On those pathetic sentiments my odium if feeding.
Too late is Adam to stop his Eve from ripping down the fruit of evil,
There, in that room, my love lies bleeding.

I will continue, personifying ignorant reactions
Let rumors of clandestine romance fly.
The needles might as well be piercing sheets of steel.
For of my foes, you’d be the first I crucify.

Alas my dear, for love is never better than the lover,
The two of you my conscience will consume,
Like parasites, abandon my remains you might,
But nothing more can be predicted of fowl creatures I presume.

Oh how I’d love to be that marble goddess,
To crush your heart with single glances from above.
Lamentably, I’m much too weak to have no care for your actions,
And soon you’ll tire, and I’ll be waiting here, my love.
21.12.2004 00:30
"The needles might as well be piercing sheets of steel."

I like that line. Very nice. I like how this poem explores the emotional trauma of how indeed that love lies bleeding. :) I can actually see the first stanza happening in my mind.
21.01.2005 23:29
Gorgeous. You have a stunning use with words. Very vivid and filled with a heart breaking story. I espcially like how some lines rhyme and others don't. I think this adds something lyrical while still retaining the freedom of the emotions.
02.02.2005 13:28
This poem really hits home to me. I can't describe how close to it really is. Fortunately, that is over... Thank you for sharing this. It trulyis a touching story. Heartbreaking , but touching all the same.
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