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Spring Awakenings by me
31.12.2004 11:33
- a poem of New York City -

Eight A.M. and it's raining
I'm still in my apartment
Drinking coffee in my pajamas

My hair's a mess
My face's naked
My feet are bare
And I have to be --
at the office in an hour

I have a meeting with a client at nine
I have a business lunch over at Club 21 at noon
I have an appointment with my hairdresser at six
I also have a first dinner date
with the cute guy next door at eight

Everything is perfect
Everything -
is not

'Cause you're not here
So everything good
fades -
into the background

Everything that we might have said
Everything that we might have done
stopped -
At the end of the season
Where the last snow flake
Melts into a drop of water

While Love
will always be -
Never said between us

But life is moving forward
I need to catch up

After all,
You were the one
who wasn't willing enough to stay
And I was the one
who wasn't patient enough to wait

Eight A.M. and it's raining
with it -
New York and I welcome the spring

AMI, September 2004

05.01.2005 08:52
This is a wonderful poem. The imagery is gorgeous. I can clearly see the events and the emotions played out. Nice.
18.01.2005 12:44
I can only leave this poem with one word"speachless" i'm in awe at such a glorious job you did it's truly superb.
20.01.2005 13:42
This poem is beautiful... Absolutely Amazing... I love it...
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