L E E   H U T C H I N G S :: mixed media artist and illustrator

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A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

Much of my work is at once both experimental and experiential.

I strive to experience life through my work and at the same time influence my work with my own life experience. Self exploration and the solving of personally profound mysteries through the mixing of paint and surface brings a character of honesty to each piece.

That honesty is further utilized though the quick and spontaneous way choices are made during the creation of a painting. I resist the urge to edit ideas and find them in many places where I may have never thought to look before.

I have always loved a good story and to this day I find I am drawn to art that contains a narrative; no matter how subtle it may be. My work effectively tells my story through the use of figurative subject matter, color, line, and intuitive composition - narrating my present, past, and future with images.

I have studied both traditionally and independently for nearly fifteen years. As a painter I am moved by emotional themes that often carry a hint of melancholy. Technically, I enjoy line and color. I can be pulled into a piece by the simple use of raw mark making - exposed and vulnerable on the work's surface.

I am stimulated by original thought, the evolution of the soul, unconventional definitions of beauty, and the ability people have to disobey their deepest fears. The human experience, whatever it can be classified as, is at the core of all of my work.

Because all I am is human.

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