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Updates and Claimings

I am planning on using this blog for my own personal revelations. I find it hard, however, to share some of these most private things at times. I will try to be more open with myself for my own sake as well as for those who are seeking that may be aided by some of my own experiences. I will start by talking about my formal Claiming which took place this past weekend.

It was Ostara, a time of beginnings, so we felt it was most appropriate for this ritual. It was also the one year annivesarry of our circle. When I say Claiming, I mean just that. It is more than an initiation. A Priestess of the Goddess is born not made, meaning all women are Priestesses. It is just a matter of claiming this title, and the responsibility that comes with it, when the time is right.

In addition to claiming my title as Priestess, I claimed the element of Earth. I have always been called to this quarter and have done much work with the element of Earth. I find everything in nature to be cleansing for my soul, but to touch the Earth, to feel Her life beating under my hand, has always been especially powerful for me.

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