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What We Share

The more I think about this organization thing, the more I have to wonder how we will be organized since there are so many differing traditions to organize. So, in lieu of this conundrum I would like to pose some questions to find out what we share in terms of our beliefs and opinions.

Since there is no official document or doctrine that defines us as Goddess people (unless you believe there is - in which case please tell us!) let's ponder what one would include. If the Goddess came down from some obscure mountain and spoke to us what would she say? Or, for those scholarly folks, what do you believe has been taught to us by the many legends of the Goddess. What should we already know according to the tales of Innana, Isis, Brigit, Cerridwyn, Pomona, Athena, Persephone/Demeter/Hecate, etc.? What are the things that you live by as people of the Great Goddess?

I think it would be very interesting to see how we compare to each other - how we differ and how we are so very similar. I look forward to some quality discussion, and if no one answers then I will simply spit out my own answers to these questions which would not be nearly as interesting.

Note: It would be lovely to see these lessons/ways to live by in the voice of the Goddess herself. So, when writing them why not use the first person so we can gain the full effect of your divine insights?
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