Forgotten Kiss

His fingers move of slight, 
Playing with a promise. 

I watch him, wondering. 
Does he remember? 
Can he ever understand? 
Will this be forever? 

Will I one day continue the search, 
And want to travel on 
To find the completeness 
I once knew in his arms? 

We brought life to our world. 
Once, we lived in unison. 
Now these separate darknesses 
Keep us from seeing one another. 

Like roses, picked to young, 
Will we shrivel without the full light of The Sun? 
Or can we blossom through the seasons, 
Always to thrive after the frosty cold? 

What do The Fates have planned for us? 
Are there methods behind this madness? 

Can you see us from afar, 
Wandering always, 
Forever questioning? 
Until one day, a kiss changes everything. 

İLMH 2002

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