Why Dream?

I wanted to paint crazy pictures 
And be mesmerized my the movements 
Of the Moon and Her faces
As time wafts by unaware.

I wanted to be loved by the stars
And remembered by the songs
Of the Ocean and its people 
As the world ever spins on its axis.

I wanted to count passing cars
And await breaking storms 
Of impatient summer days and their sunsets
As perpetual motion tries to keep up.

I wanted to learn another language
And envision steamy nights
Of exotic locations and smiling faces
As the seasons become one with another.

I wanted to fly with the clouds
And dance with the wind
Of all four directions and sections
As babies are born into love.

I wanted to help sickly creatures 
And nurse the ancient rythyms
Of the Earth and her children
As the circle continues without me.
LMH 2002

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