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Archives May 2002

Wednesday, May 15, 2002
I missed the first half of Buffy tonight! Damnit! Would anyone like to fill me in? And oh by the way...can you say GROSS! Did she have to rip his skin off? I miss Tara too, but yikes. Did anyone else think that Willow would be this years 'Big Bad'? Me neither. It's rather disturbing, but ingeneous. I can't wait for next week, but I am kind of nervous to think about what will happen between the Scoobies. Ah well, leave you input by hitting the 'comments' link below. I'd love to hear what others have to sayand to figure out what I missed tonght.
Eyelight | 12:46 AM

Thursday, May 09, 2002
Okay, so I cheated and read about next weeks episode of BtVs. Tara is gone. :( I have to say that I am quite unhappy about that. Tara was one of my favorite characters and I will most certainly miss her cute little smile. Poor Willow. I don't think they could bring her back. They used the last Urn of Osiris to bring back Buffy and reanimating her like in "The Zeppo" probably wouldn't work out well. I guess if they really want to bring her back to the show Joss will find an explainable way to do it.
Eyelight | 2:58 AM

Wednesday, May 08, 2002
I forgot to mention my favorite quote from 'Seeing Red'.
"Time for the Spring poking already?" -Xander
Didn't anyone else see the enuendo in that one?

Eyelight | 12:34 AM

Warning: Spoilers for international fans or those of you who missed the latest episodes.

Angel - ''
I'm not even sure what to say about this episode except predictable. I liked Connor, but I'm not sure about the name Steven. It just doesn't roll off the tongue like Connor. Anyway, besides the name change he grew up to be a cutie and I think it was a good decision to cast the actor playing Angel's son. He resembles David Boreanaz in a way and their voices even have a similar tone. I know we're all hoping Connor will come to his senses and join the AI team, but I just don't see it happening until next season at least. I mean, they need enemies to fight and Angel's own son seems the perfect choice to create interesting plot lines around.
I guess I'm still living in a fantasy realm because I can't keep wondering about what happened between Angel and Buffy after she came back from the dead at the begining of the year. All they would say was 'I don't want ot talk about it.' Ugg..let's get these shows back on the same network so we can get some crossovers please. Like I said...fantasy realm.

Buffy - 'SEEING RED'
First of all...OMG Tara! I know Buffy will pull through, come on the show is named after her, but not Tara! By the way, how long has Amber Benson's name been in the opening credits? I just noticed it tonight and now she's destined to die. Damn that geek Owen. Hey, but now that there's a job opening to be Willow's girl, perhaps I'll fly to LA and try out. I'll get paid to kiss Miss Hannigan. Wooow...too much information. Where did that come from?
So do you think Buffy will forgive Spike for the whole attempted rape thing? Yeah, me neither. It's such a shame. I had so much hope for the hopeless romantic Vampire. He's just so bloody cute and sexy. I've said it once and I'll say it again - Buffy should hook up with Xander. It would make perfect sense, but I don't think it will happen. The reason it won't happen is because Xander is pretty boring, but only because he's normal-joe-guy. He's the only one without powers and such (The Zeppo), but everyone can't be a super hero. How cheesy is that? next week the finale? I can't remember. Damn summer with it's gorgeous weather and cursed re-runs.
See you soon.

Eyelight | 12:28 AM

Thursday, May 02, 2002
Hmmm...Spike and Anya. Who woulda thunk it? Personally, I though the two of them made a pretty creepy couple. And what exactly is going on with Anya's face cracking into the Anyanka look? I was under the impression that she was 100% more demon qualities. That should be interesting.
I rather enjoyed Buffy's reaction to Spike shagging Anya. I wish she'd come to grips with either loving him or simply having fun with him. I mean, who really cares about the whole evil thing? I bet it makes for lots of fun in the sack. Yes, I am repressed. Deal with it.
Two words for Xander..."Grow Up!" He left her standing at the altar, I think she can sleep with whom ever she chooses. Xander wasted too much time eating and not enough time thinking about what he wanted from his life and from Anya. Oops...too little too late. That's where the phrase "shit or get off the pot" comes from. Apparently Xander forget to flush.

Eyelight | 2:31 AM

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