Angel and Cordy in Love?
He belongs with Buffy.
They're a cute couple.
Angel and Lorne 4-Ever.

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conversations with dead people
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replaying buffy s1-s5 everyday. See full schedule here. the uk home for Buffy and Angel. visit to see when they'll be returning with the new seasons.

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Twilight 10mb Fic Contest

Are you a fantastic btvs/ats fiction writer who needs a (new) place to host your work?
Do you have at least 8 pieces of polished fiction to archive if you win?
Do you have a good knowledge of html?
Are you a kind and honest individual?

If you answered YES to all of the above questions you could win space at

How To Win

First you need to submit your best piece of btvs/ats fan fiction to Twilight via the form below. If you have another site, or an example of your html knowledge on the web somewhere, you will need to submit that as well. If, in fact, you do have a site elsewhere, it would benefit you to have a button/banner link to Twilight during the voting process as visitors to this site will be getting a chance to read and vote for your fic. After that, sit back, relax, and wait for the voting to begin. After the public's voice has been heard and the results have been tallyed, the winner(s) will be announced.

What You Can Win

* 10mb of free web space at (more is negotiable if truly needed)
* Custom graphics by 1greeneye Design (tailored for your needs if you want them.)
* PHP scripts, like a feedback form, poll, etc.
* Email support from the owner and operator of 1greeneye.


* There will be no bribery of any kind - wait - everyone's got a price, but you get the idea.
* No cheating. If it becomes known that you have plagerized another wirter's work, or somehow rigged the voting you'll be disqualified from the contest. Karma's a bitch.
* Be nice. No exceptions. Once again, Karma's a bitch.
* Be sure your fic is marked with rating, disclaimer, your name, synopsis, genre, etc.
* Understand that I reserve the right to discontinue hosting you for any reason at any time. (Don't worry. I'll make sure your files are backed up first.)


URL (if applicable):

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