Angel and Cordy in Love?
He belongs with Buffy.
They're a cute couple.
Angel and Lorne 4-Ever.

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conversations with dead people
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replaying buffy s1-s5 everyday. See full schedule here. the uk home for Buffy and Angel. visit to see when they'll be returning with the new seasons.

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The Choice Awards @ Twilight - ROUND 1

What makes The Choice Awards unique?
Well, there are not a million categories to choose from. These awards are fairly basic. And, best of all, there are no judges. The winners are decided by you, the average surfer. Everyone who surfs into these awards will have the oppotunity to vote once, and only once, in each category. The top five nominees are then chosen from each category and the voting begins again until we get the winners.

The Categories
These categories have been based on The Buffy Links @ Twilight.
* Best Overall Site: either btvs or ats or both. This is based on content, ease of navigation, layout, and graphics.
* Best Collective/Host: Site collectives and hosting domains that house sites that are predominently Buffy related.
* Best Multimedia Site: for sites with a selection fo quality multimedia.
* Best Awards Site: awards sites only. Size doesn't matter.
* Best Fanfiction Site: for fanfiction archives. They can be large or small. Quality of content and design are what counts.
* Best Shipper Site: for sites about one or more specific couple.
* Best Fanlisting/Clique: Best fanlisting/clique sites. It doesn't matter how many members you have.
* Best Community Site: For sites based around a community likes a yahoo groups or posting boards (forums).
* Twilight's Choice: our favorite. Every site is automatically nominated in this category.

* You must put a button or text link on your site either before or immediately after it is nominated.
* Sites may be nominated in up to three categories. No more.
* There will be no bribery of any kind - wait - everyone's got a price, but you get the idea.
* No cheating. If it becomes known that you have plagerized another wirter's work, or somehow rigged the voting you'll be disqualified from the contest. Karma's a bitch.
* Be nice. No hate sites. No exceptions. Once again, Karma's a bitch.
* Be sure your content has ratings if not intended for everyone.


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Category 3
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