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Archives July 2002

Sunday, July 21, 2002
Nicholas Brendan as the Green Lantern?
First he was frequently rumored to be in talks for Spider-Man back in the days, now 'slayerette' says that he may be interested in another hero...
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Eyelight | 1:26 AM

Tuesday, July 16, 2002
Buffy: Hell's Bells (rerun)
On the day of his wedding, Xander gets cold feet after he's shown a disturbing glimpse into the future. Xander bails on the wedding, leaving Anya heartbroken. Anya is offered her old job back, as a vengeance demon.
- synopsis: Buffy Guide
- read the tanscript at Psyche

Eyelight | 11:43 AM

Buffy-less Buffy Possible?
Joss Whedon, creator of UPN's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, told SCI FI Wire that he's leaving open the possibility of carrying on the show after next year, even if star Sarah Michelle Gellar decides not to renew her contract, which expires at the end of year seven. Meanwhile, regular cast member Emma Caulfield, who plays Anya, told SCI FI Wire that she intends to leave the show after the end of the seventh season, which kicks off Sept. 24, but added that every other cast member has already signed up for year eight.
[continued] Read full article from Sci-Fi Wire

Eyelight | 1:16 AM

Monday, July 15, 2002
So, open for business again. It only took two days. Not too shabby. As you can see the layout is very different and there are new features. For now there are no skins, and the graphics section is puny. New things will be added very regularly. I just need abit of time to relax now that I have finished this oh so speedy redesign. I hope everyone can see the site the way it is meant to. If you have trouble with anything feel free to send me a note letting me know.
Eyelight | 3:52 PM

So, I think perhaps this layout will be around for awhile. I have been trying all sorts of new things to create an easy to maintain yet nice to look at web site. What do you think? I love it! There are new wallpapers and a ton of new icons. The icon packages have been split into more than twenty different packages organized by character. I hope you like. Feedback always gives me a strange fuzzy feeling - so make my day and use that darn comments link below.
Eyelight | 12:20 AM

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