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A smile of relief flooded over Ash’s face. “Thanks… um… Blossom. I really appreciate it. It was lucky I bumped into you!”

“Yea, both ways,” Blossom grinned, thinking, maybe she’d found a friend in this big city. The two began to walk home, towards Jordan’s apartment, the black of night being left behind for another day. “So, do you cook?” Blossom asked, hoping Ash would know his way around a kitchen.


Quizzes and Games
The construction has stared on the games section and so far things are looking good. We have plans to add at least five more quizzes by the end of the weekend. Hopefully, that will actually happen. Anyway, there's also a neat little psychic ability test that I keep getting addicted to. So far I've been able to test with some psychic ability. It has a Buffy twist to it because I've switched the pictures from shapes to characters on the show. It worth trying out.

Oh, and remember I added a bunch of Buffy themed fonts to the downloads section. Check them out and add them to your collection.

Slayer: A Twist of Fate has been coming along nicely with a bunch of new additions this week. Head over to the game boards and give it a read.
lee | 1/3/2003 archives

Okay, finally got my little blog back up. I'll be making my episode comments, updates, and other thoughts in this space you see before you.

As for updates, well take a look around - everything is new and improved! But, I guess that depends on your perspective. I have given the site a facelift and a name change. All of these changes were inspired by of the game Slayer: A Twist of Fate. This has to be one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done on the net. The people are great, the game is interesting and smart - what more could a creative Buffy lover ask for? So, check it out.

To your left you'll find the main menu, the poll, the latest Buffyverse news, and more...
lee | 1/2/2003 archives

Wallpapers are back with six new additions. If there is someone you'd like to see more of - ask. I'll never know if you don't ask. I'll just go on making the wallpapers I like to make of the characters I like to see. Okay? I have many more things in the works right now, so don't be a stranger.
lee | 12/10/2002 archives

The forums are up and running and I must say they are freaking fantastic. No need to register, fast, easy interface, newest topics at the top, 20 different color schemes to choose from.... and more. You can even just type your URL and it converts it to a hyperlink for you. I love this thing. Why not mosey on over and check it out. Post some intersting info, spoilers, get help with your downloads, whatever.

I'm also in the process of adding all of the new downloadable goodies for you. The icons are back and there are some new Winamp3 skins for you to grab. Be kind, there are the first of what will prove to many. I have some new and much better wallpapers to be adding soon plus some skins for other programs. Also in the works are pre-made blog templates with Buffy/Angel themes, psp/ps brushes, backgrounds, blank banners/buttons, etc... Stay tuned.
lee | 12/10/2002 archives

Back again...
So maybe you're wondering where the downloads are. There coming along - don't worry. Everything will be back shortly. The downloads are getting an upgrade and so are the forums. (not that anyone ever used the forums, but hey, you never know.) For now go submit some fiction or your links to the new upgraded links database. I have tried to add all of the links that were in the other database, but I may have forgotten some one along the way. Take a look and see if your link is still present. This time the links even have search capabilities. Cool! The fic archive is automated and categorized basically by pairing and then genre. I can't wait to build a fantastic library of fic there. Anyway, keep a look out for the downloads and use the other features for fun.

lee | 12/5/2002 archives

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