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Slayer: A Twist of Fate
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'fang-tastic', Fans Of Buffy Question Tv Star
[This is Grimsby] - Apr 30 2003 3:48 p.m.

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Will Buffy go to L.A.?
Nope, she's babysitting.
Yes. Angel and Buffy need one more go.
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Buffy: 01.21.03
Potential (NEW)

Angel: 01.15.03
Habeus Corpus (NEW)

• BUFFY season 6 is now playing on FX. Check out the full schedule by clicking below. replaying buffy s1-s6 everyday. See full schedule here. the uk home for Buffy and Angel. visit to see when they'll be returning with the new seasons.

A smile of relief flooded over Ash’s face. “Thanks… um… Blossom. I really appreciate it. It was lucky I bumped into you!”

“Yea, both ways,” Blossom grinned, thinking, maybe she’d found a friend in this big city. The two began to walk home, towards Jordan’s apartment, the black of night being left behind for another day. “So, do you cook?” Blossom asked, hoping Ash would know his way around a kitchen.

Slayer: A Twist of Fate

Slayer: A Twist of Fate is an online roleplaying game based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The twist is that Buffy's not even in it. Actually, she's not even alive. A new slayer has been called and a new town has been chosen. This season we're playing in New York City. All of the characters are original, which in my opinion, makes it all the more fun and interesting.

You can use the link for the game homepage above, if you like, to learn more or apply to join. You must fill out the application on the home page before your forum registration will be accepted. Hey, and don't forget to read the rules and instructions.

Players of the game get a say on what goes on around here and help to make decisions about new features, wallpaper selections, and more. As a player, you can also contibute your own downloads to the site.

If you decide to do nothing else, at least read the story. It's always interesting and the road just keep getting more and more twisted.

Recent Updates:

Two new characters added on 12.30.02

Rhys Fychan: ...son of an incubus and a human noblewoman, Siwan ferch Meredydd, was born on August 1, 1193 in a convent in Gwynedd, Wales... Rhys has spent most of his existence concealing what he is and fighting with his two natures. Part of him identifies with humans; part wishes to destroy them all.

Justine: ...abandened by her parents she learned to fend for herself. At age 13 she was taken in by a group of vampires who taught her that humans were prey and how to enjoy the thrill of the hunt and blend in among them. After she learned all she needed from them she burnt them all to a crisp...

Recent Character Application Status

Ruby - na
Rhys - welcome
Justine - welcome
Spikey - na
Aranroth - na

na = not accepted at this time. please feel free to apply again with a new or reworked character.