Circle of the Green By Laws

Signed Ostara 2004 - redefined Midsummer 2006

Section One - Purpose and History

Article I - Mission Statement

Circle of the Green ('COTG' or 'the Circle') is established as a Celtic-defined group devoted to learning and gathering in the honor of positive, earth-based spirituality in a comfortable, safe, free spirited environment.

Article II - Date of Formation

The official date of formation of Circle of the Green is Ostara 2003. The official date of the first evolution of Circle of the Green is Ostara 2004. The official date of the third evolution is Ostara 2006.

Section Two - Organization and Structure

The Circle will be organized into three parts: Dedicant Circle, Initiate Circle, and Center Circle.

A. Dedicant Circle contains all non initiated members that have completed the application process and been voted into the general membership. Members may choose to remain Dedicants as long as they desire. If Priesthood or Priestess hood is desired then 1st Degree initiation is required.
B. Initiate Circle contains all members who have completed the first degree curriculum and been formally initiated into Circle of the Green. These members are considered first degree Priests and Priestesses of the Circle of the Green Tradition. Combined with the Dedicant Ring there will be no more than twenty-one (21) members in these two circles.
C. Center Circle's purpose is to organize, facilitate, and otherwise be the decision making body of the group. Entrance into the Center Circle is by invitation only. This circle holds a maximum of nine (9) members at any one time.
D. The total maximum for membership is 30.

Article I - Membership and Initiation

A. Membership Process
The process of membership will be carried out in full before a person can be included in the Dedicant Circle. This will consist of a membership application, review and voting by the general membership, an interview, and a short curriculum. You must be an Applicant for no less than three (3) months and complete the aforementioned curriculum before becoming a Dedicant.

1. Fraudulent applications will result in immediate dismissal of membership possibility by the Center Circle.
2. The Center Circle and founding members retain the right to deny or revoke membership based on their discretion at any time and without notice.

B. Center Circle
The Center Circle is a closed coven of individuals formed with the purpose of serving as the teachers, organizers, decision makers, and ritual facilitators of Circle of the Green.

1. To be considered as a member of the Center Circle one must have existed as a member of the Initiate Circle for no less than one year and one day, reached a level of 2nd Degree, and have completed all of the necessary training as dictated by the founders and the Center Circle.
2. Prospective members of the Center Circle must also hold true to the Sacred Law and the Principles of Belief as defined by the introductory membership information.
3. Initiation into the Center Circle will only proceed after a unanimous decision by the existing Center Circle members.
4. No member of the Center Circle shall ever disclose the workings of the coven to those who are not members of the Center Circle.
5. No member of the Center Circle shall outrank those of the general membership in such a way that is oppressive to the rest of the Circle.
6. Members of the Center Circle are all equal to one another.
7. The founders of Circle of the Green retain the rights to the Circle and must approve any person(s) leaving to hive another group under our tradition.

C. The Dedicant and Initiate Circles
The Dedicant and Initiate Circles will consist of a maximum of 21 members of the general membership. These members are either dedicants or initiates of the Circle.

1. No member of the Dedicant and Initiate Circles outranks any other member of the Circle.
2. All members of Circle of the Green must be at least twenty-one years of age.
3. The Center Circle must first approve guests accompanying members of the Dedicant and Initiate Circles to a closed ritual or event.
4. Study of no less than 6 months from the time of Dedicant status will be completed before Initiate level is granted.
5. The granting of Initiate level is subject to an evaluation by the Center Circle.

Article II - General Membership Guidelines

A. Any member who violates these guidelines may be asked not to attend circle until the matters are resolved and/or may be subject to removal from the Circle indefinitely.

1. All members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting these bylaws.
2. All members are to treat others with respect and in accordance with the Sacred Law.
3. All grievances pertaining to the Circle and its membership are to be brought to a member of the Center Circle.
4. Consuming alcohol or other mind-altering substances prior to rituals and gatherings will not be tolerated.
5. The use of baneful magick against one's Circle members or any deliberate action directed toward another individual that is calculated to cause injury, harm or pain; be it physical, mental or emotional, where it is clear that the member in doing so has acted inappropriately, out of proportion to the circumstances, or in abuse of his or her discretion will not be tolerated.
6. Forcing or coercing another individual to participate in sexual activity against his or her desires, or to consume mind-altering substances against his or her will; or requiring complete or partial nudity of any individual against his or her will; or obtaining consent to any of these by deception or misrepresentation, or under color of authority, regardless of the circumstances under which these actions take place is strictly forbidden.

Section III - Acceptance and Implementation

We, the undersigned founders and members of the Center Circle of Circle of the Green, acting for, and on behalf of the general membership of the Circle, do hereby declare that the foregoing bylaws are fit and suited to our purposes, and by the setting of our signatures hereunto, upon the occasion of our celebration of the Sabbat of Ostara, do further declare that these bylaws shall be effective from this, the twenty-first day of March, in the two thousand and fourth year of the Common Era.

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