How to Become a Member of Circle of the Green

You must live in the Rochester, NY or surrounding areas. You must be at least 21 years of age.

Membership Portals
At certain times we will open portals for membership. This will most likely correspond with a particular season or Sabbat. What this entails is attending an open social gathering where you will have the opportunity to review information on the circle and meet the current members. Any questions you have may be answered at this time. If you are still interested you may choose to fill out an application. Membership is open to men and women who meet the age and location requirements. Additionally, individuals may be invited to meet with the Circle at off-portal times to consider membership.


Forms of Membership

General Membership: The General Membership consists of the entire Circle. Anyone can be a General Member of Circle of the Green. Dedication and Initiation are not required steps. As a General Member you may decide to petition for Initiate Level Membership at any time.

Initiate Level Membership: Those members who are prepared to put forth the time and effort involved in studying to be a clergy-person of the Tridean Tradition are welcome to petition to join the Initiate Level of membership.

Initiate Level Circles within the Circle

Dedicant Circle: This circle contains all non initiated members that have completed the application process and been accepted as Dedicant Students pursuing Initiation.

Initiate Circle: This circle contains all members who have completed the first degree curriculum and been formally initiated into Circle of the Green. These members are considered first degree Priests and Priestesses of the Tridean Tradition.

Center Circle: The purpose of the Center Ring is to organize, facilitate, and otherwise be the decision making body of the group. Entrance into the Center Ring is by invitation only. This circle holds a maximum of nine (9) Priests and/or Priestesses at any one time.

What to expect as an Initiate Level memberů

Step 1. Fill out an application.
Our one page application is available upon request. After you've filled out your application an interview may be conducted preceding a vote from the Center Circle. You must be at least 21 years of age to fill out an application. Filling out an application does not guarantee membership. The Center Circle reserves the right to refuse any application at any time for any reason. We also retain the right to deliberate on the status of your application for up to one month after it is received before making a final decision.

Step 2. Complete Applicant Curriculum and spend time with the Circle.
Once your application is accepted you will become an Applicant of the Circle. Applicants are expected to attend at least three events over the course of a three month period. Events include casual social gatherings, Esbats (full moon rites), Sabbats (seasonal celebrations), and any other event which is being hosted by and/or attended by a majority of the membership. In addition you will be given a short curriculum to complete.

Step 3. Voting Process.
At the end of the three month period (provided you have completed the Applicant Curriculum) a vote will be taken from the membership. You must be approved by a majority vote. Once you are approved as a member of the Circle you will be part of the Dedicant Circle of Circle of the Green.

Step 4. Study, study, and study some more.
As a Dedicant you will be given the curriculum to complete for First Degree status and entrance into the Initiate Circle. The curriculum is an "at your own pace" program. You can opt to complete it within a minimum of six months or decide to take years. This is up to you. You must be a Dedicant for at least six months before becoming an Initiate.

Step 5. You've done it!
Once you complete the first degree curriculum, and passed it with a grade of at least 80%, you may be initiated into the Initiate Circle with a level of 1st Degree. (Grading is based on mentor evaluations, notebooks, and participation.

Step 6. Yet more studying.
The obvious next step is studying for 2nd degree. Again, this is a self paced program which no one will push you to complete. You must be a 1st Degree Initiate for at least one year before receiving 2nd Degree.

Step 7. Center Circle.
Once you've completed the curriculum for second degree you may be asked to join the Center Circle. This is provided there is an opening in the Center Circle which can not hold more than 9 members at any one time. There must also be a unanimous vote within the Center Circle members. Entrance into the Center Circle is by invitation only. (1st Degree Initiates may also be invited to join the Center at the discretion of the existing Center Members.)

Step 8. Continuing the Journey.
The final step is continuing your learning and pushing yourself to third degree. This is something that may take years but the journey you will share with your Circle-mates should be worth waiting a lifetime for.

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