As of the Season of Samhain 2006

Circle of the Green was founded Ostara 2003 by current Center Circle Priestesses Kelly Lyons-Schnupp and Lisa Hutchings. Both Kelly and Lisa have over a decade of experience in the practice and study of Goddess Religion and Paganism.

Circle of the Green held their first public ritual for Northeast Council of W.I.C.C.A. the Mabon of 2003. The following year they performed their first closing ritual for Rochester Pagan Pride Day. To date they have performed closing ritual for RPPD every year since (3 years in a row). They also performed a Samhain Celebration ritual for NEC of W.I.C.C.A. in 2004.

At Ostara 2004 the bylaws of the Circle were signed and further plans towards the organization of the Circle began to take shape.

Circle of the Green has perpetually attended rituals and other public events in support of the Greater Rochester Pagan Community since their inception.

The Circle has been through various changes and evolutions, all of which have led it to this point. Circle of the Green is pleased to be open for membership and planning to incorporate within the next few years.

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The Book of Tridea: A Guide to Practicing Goddess Religion
The Book of Tridea

circle of the green having fun at the 2006 Sterling Ren Fest
members of circle of the green at the 2006 Rochester Pagan Pride Day Festival
members of circle of the green at our Winter Solstice Celebration 2006
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