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Date: Sun 09/26/04 8:55PM
From: Lee
Email: lmhutchings@rochester.rr.com

Message: testing
Date: Sun 09/26/04 9:07PM
From: Grian
Email: lmhutchings@rochester.rr.com

Message: Okay, well it seems I was able to get this thing working again, though now I have some crazy smilie things. :) Thanks Wendy for letting me know it was producing an error. Now, I'd love to hear from our visitors. Please let us know what you think.

Date: Tue 10/12/04 10:54AM
From: grian
Email: lmhutchings@rochester.rr.com

Message: one more test...
Date: Mon 10/25/04 1:33PM
From: DonnaJean
Email: dmarksangel@aol.com

Message: great info jut signing the guest book. Thankyou:)
Date: Thu 11/11/04 6:33PM
From: carol hinkle
Email: talks2trees1960@yahoo.com

Message: hi I'm interested in joining a coven. I'v looked into several in the area. I would like you to send me some information about your coven for instance where you usually meet, when is your next get together etc.......thanks and I'm looking forward to hearing from you :P
Date: Wed 11/17/04 12:09AM
From: cynthia
Email: broomdriver65@yahoo.com

Message: mm to all,
i am looking towards my newest step on this path i follow. have been precticing in one form or another all my life, am tired of being a soliaire and wish to join others in sharing and learning. i hope to hear from you soon.
bb to all,

Date: Fri 11/26/04 3:43PM
From: carol hinkle
Email: talks2trees1960@yahoo.com

Message: i'm interested in having a application sent to me via email. i tried to get onto the contact portion of your menu but i was unable to.if sending the application via email is not convient sending it through the mail will be fine. my address is 16 Granger place Rochester N.Y. 14607. thanks
Date: Mon 12/6/04 8:52PM
From: Calais Helleborne
Email: lilduckie@mspossum007.com

Message: I really like your shirts. I also like the reasons for them. If I could I would definately donate towards the Rainforest.
Date: Wed 12/22/04 1:41PM
From: Faith
Email: sweetcheeks@mailbox.gr

Message: Hiya i think your sites really nice im reading through it just now so i'll write more later. bye
Date: Thu 03/3/05 4:33PM
From: Grian
Email: lmhutchings@rochester.rr.com

Message: Just testing the book after the spam attack we recieved recently. :shock:
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