Angel and Cordy in Love?
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Angel and Lorne 4-Ever.

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Eyelight | 10/24/2002

Buffy 7:5 Selfless
There is hope! B/A shippers wake up! This may be the best episode in the past 2 years simply because of the following lines of dialogue:

"I killed Angel! Do you even remember that? I would've given up everything I had to be with him. I loved him more than I will ever love anything in this life. And I put a sword through his heart because I had to."

Eyelight | 10/23/2002

Watch out for Angel Spoilers!
After watching last night's episode of Angel, (The House Always Wins) I am so not feeling the love between Angel and Cordy. When I saw her standing in the lobby of the Hyperion, I didn't feel butterflies or any sort of giddiness that I used to get from the whole Buffy/Angel ship.

There are some of you who may think I need to give it up and face that Buffy and Angel didn't work and are never going to work. Perhaps. For now I have to believe that Joss has bigger, more complex plans. Why do you suppose it's okay for Angel to fall for Cordy when it was never okay for him to love Buffy? I understand that Cordy is part demon now, but how would that effect the curse? Is it that only human girls can give him the real deal and doing it with a demon (even if he loves her) can't make him lose his soul? Remember Darla? That was okay becasue he hated her and 'big happy' or not... no true happiness came for him.

As for Buffy and Spike - Once again it's suddenly okay for Buffy to fall for Spike because he has a soul, but her previous soul-having-vamp-lover had to leave in order to give her a normal life. Well in the past 3+ years since Angel's departure, Buffy has had anything but a normal life. Oh, by the way, I don't care what the extreme Spikefans think (I like the character, but he's certainly not beyond fault) he wasn't trying to regain his soul, but get his chip out so he could make The Slayer's life a living hell. Rewatch the last three episodes of season six (because we all know you have them on tape) and deal with it.

I have to admit that I occasionally fall victim to the Buffy/Spike ship, but Angel and Cordy seems anything but natural. I know Joss was trying to tide us over with "I Will Remember You" so we could allow the characters to move on, but us BA shippers can't possibly move on without our starcrossed lovers finding each other again and living happily ever after. Happy endings are good... I don't care what you say.

(sorry... had to move the poll, but it will be back.)
Eyelight | 10/21/2002

Yes another new layout. I'm a freak. Get over it. Anywho - (don't you just hate people who say anywho?) I am going to be doing a lot of remodeling and I hope to be adding some more to this place very soon. In the mean time let me know what you think about this layout. I'll get the guestbook up again soon, but there are the comment thingies under every post you can use for now.

Eyelight | 10/17/2002

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