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Rules and Instructions

Slayer: A Twist Of Fate RULES :: Version 1.3 (24, March 2003)

1. Introduction
Slayer: A Twist of Fate is a role-playing game based on the hit television shows, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and it's spin-off Angel. Coinciding with the mythology set up throughout the two series, S:ATOF takes players back to the end of season one, with Buffy's brief death - and the calling of new Slayer, Kendra.

However, here is where the similarity to the shows ends: in our version of events, Buffy does not get revived and Kendra isn't called. What if fate had worked differently, and someone else had been called? How different would things be?

This game is a forum-based, interactive story of how things could have went. We have our own Slayer (it could be you), who has her own Watcher (again, could be you); and we will have a whole different ensemble of baddies, goodies and in-betweenies - it's all up to the players and the characters they create.

In basic terms, you detail your players actions and other players reply to this with their players actions (keeping in mind all that has gone before) in effect creating an interactive story. Once the season is over, it should be able to be read logically, with a beginning, middle and definite end. All ACTIVE players will vote upon Major story arcs for each season. Ideas and contributions are most welcome.

Want to know more? Then read on...

2. The Game
This game revolves around creative writing. Everyone has there own style, thus his or her own way to play the game. Below is a basic layout of what the game involves and how to play.

2.1 Joining S:ATOF
Create a character that you will play in our version of the Buffy/Angelverse, and complete the character application form, detailing information about your proposed character (as well as yourself) and submit it to us. We will then examine your application and put it to the Players Council (all active members) for approval. If after all of this, a majority votes you in, then you're in! You might think that the process is a bit extreme for a game, but it is important that we have a good balance of characters as well as players. We need to be able to work together as a group.

Upon approval, you will be sent an e-mail detailing what you should do next. One of the administrators will create an account for you on the forums (where the game takes place). You then go on to the next step. This involves submitting a more detailed character information to the Character Profile Forum of the game board. This is for your reference as well as others. You can access all character profiles here and learn all that you need to know about those involved in the current storyline.

At this point, it is advised that you read up on the resources that have been provided for players (detailing things like information on demons and Slayer mythology) to help you with your writing. These can be found on the gameboards. You can also, if you don't already know them, acquaint yourself with the other writers in the Social Area Forum.

You CANNOT play an existing character in the Buffy/Angelverse, such as Willow or Darla. All player characters must be original. However, this does not mean they cannot be referred to in our stories, or even make cameo appearances; but there needs to be a sufficient need for this to happen. Consult the Players Council before doing so.

Your character can NOT be a god (too much omnipotent power) and there can only be one Slayer, who in turn can only have one Watcher (although other Watchers can exists, they cannot be this particular Slayer's Watcher.) I have decided to allow players to create Slayers-In-Training if they like due to the introduction of this type of character in season seven of BtVS.

2.1.1 Special Characters
The world of S:ATOF demands one Slayer and she, in turn, needs a Watcher. These characters will be chosen from those who wish to apply to be them; however, there can only be ONE Slayer and she can only have ONE Watcher (although other Watchers CAN exist, however only the Slayer's Watcher has any authority over her).

Because of the importance of these two roles, they need responsible players to handle them. These players will have to visit the boards far more regularly than the others, and make far more contributions. If you can make such a contribution to the game, then by all means apply; but be warned - if you cannot fulfil your duty to the game as these characters, the characters themselves will be killed off and another Slayer/Watcher will be called in their place.

2.2 Deciding on Stroylines and Major Arcs
All decisions regarding storylines and major arcs in the seasons will be discussed in the Players Council. All MAJOR twists and plots must be put to the Council before you write them into the story. There will be a majority vote to decide what each season will be dealing with.

2.3 Making A Contribution
There is no one way to contribute your part of the story. Just go with what's there, and write how you feel things should progress. If you want to put something in your story that you think might cause a bit of a fuss, then consult the Players Council to see what others feel.

When you write, be sure to write with the focus placed on your character. If you want to include another character (player) in your part, be sure to ask for permission first. Then you can either collaborate (see the collaboration article in the forums for suggestions as to how) or write a solo piece with the permission of the other player. Please do not kill off or significantly affect a character without asking first!

You are free to create your own Non Player Characters, but if they start to appear regularly, you should make a profile for them in the Non Player Character Forum. Any player can use any NPC (either ones they create themselves or ones created by other players) in their story.

There are a few rules to follow when you make your contributions:
1) Please make an effort to write with correct punctuation, grammar and eloquence. Spellchecker is your friend.
2) Write in THIRD PERSON only! Thoughts can either be noted with italicized font or an *asterix* on either side of the sentence.
3) Ask before you use another player's character in your story! If permission is granted, be sure to ask whether they want to collaborate or are happy for you to write on your own.
4) All players must contribute at least once every two weeks. Please let us know if circumstances come about that prevent you from doing so. We are a very understanding bunch.
5) Major decisions must be put the Players Council.

Basically that's all there is to know. This is a game that can only be learned as you play it, so it might all seem a bit confusing to begin with; but stick with it and all should become clear!

2.3 Structure
The story will be structured into seasons. A season will last approximately three months. A brief hiatus may follow each season where players can write backstories and discuss major arcs for the next season. The next season will begin on a designated date. At that point, whomever has been elected to make the first contribution will do so, followed regularly by all others.

3. Final Word
That's really all I can tell you about the game. Due to its nature, it is very hard to provide a set of instructions as to how to play. It is a game that you learn as you go along - even I don't know entirely how it will be played yet. It is up to the players, because they are what this game is really all about.

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