03.29.94 - Decode Me Please

codes (4k image)

It seems I have found the three languages Sean was using to encrypt his notes. Of course he had to use three distinct ancient languages. I haven't yet found the primer for the theban or ogham parts, but the runic coding is coming along nicely.

I have decided to burry myself under my work. I don't sleep much anymore. It's like the books and papers call my name into the night and I have to sit at my desk to appease them. I wish I could say I've figured out more, but Sean was very careful to keep things hidden under layers like so many onions. It helps a little to have understood how he thought.

My Gran calls me constantly - tells me she knows I'm not taking care of myself and reminds me that Mum wants me to come home. If I didn't love them both so much I might tell them to bugger off and let me die already.

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