09.29.96 - Talking to Myself

I don't know why I have bothered to add anything to this decaying journal, but there are times when I feel so alone it is the only thing I can talk to. Anyway, I am leaving London. My relationship ended rather poorly some time ago. She changed after a few months and her possessive nature became too much to bear. Yes, I said she. Gender holds no weight with me. I would've loved Sean had he been a woman. So, Laurel was her name and I cared for her, but she never understood about Sean. He is in my very soul - he runs in the blood that pumps through my veins - we are the same, he and I. Laurel didn't want to be second best and I don't blame her. Though, for a time, it was nice to have someone around to be with and to share life with once more - even if my heart was never fully in it. That was just not fair to her.

I will leave in a few days. Gran has taken ill and I will return to my family home to care for her so that my mother can go to work to pay the medical bills. I have decided that this is the right time to take what I need from The Council. They'll never miss the files anyway. The archives are too large for them to notice a few missing folders. Let's just hope I can get out of this city unscathed.

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