04.26.94 - The Waiting

When I allow myself to think about anything besides decrypting Sean's notes or my council studies, my mind wanders to the upcoming Sabbat. Beltaine approaches and I hope it will be the day when I can allow myself to believe I am not crazy. Part of me doesn't want to celebrate the day at all. Now that my King Stag has been slain, I would rather take up position as The Crone.

I have been getting headaches lately, and I've noticed strange things around the outside of my flat. Of course the whole place is enchanted, with magickal barriers at every entrance and window, and no thing of evil can ever enter or inhabit this place. Still, I feel like something or someone is trying to get in and see what's inside.

Perhaps The Council has appointed some spies, those wankers. Though I can't stand the thought of actually being a part of that society anymore, I must finish my studies if for no other reason than to get access to what they know.

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