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March 28, 2004
Nature Boy Orlando

I'm not sure why the world of little females who love this man call him Orli. I mean, do his friends call him Orli? Does his mother call him Orli? If I were him I would've gone with a cooler nickname like Lando or something. Lando is cool. In the Star Wars movies Lando Calrisean was played by Billie D. Williams. Of course the name is going to be cool. It's smooth like Colt 45 baby. So, from now on I might call him Lando. I guess Orli is kind of cute, but it's also kind of emasculating... i.e. gay. I don't know. How about I just call him Sean. He looks like a Sean.

March 26, 2004
Online Radio

I have been having the best time listening to European radio stations online. Here are a few links...

Virgin Radio
XFM London
BBC Radio
Hit Radio FFH (Hessen, Germany)

I used to live in Hessen and listened to FFH all the time. It's really cool to hear it again.

March 24, 2004
New Art/Wallpapers

March 11, 2004
A Question From the Guestbook

name: Disposable_Hero
comments: Hey, awesome site! I really like the design and layout. I have to admit though, I only found it whilst looking for something else. I wonder if you could tell me what happened to Slayer: A Twist of Fate? Links that I click on direct me here... Thanks for your help, and again, nice site!
11:18 am - Wednesday,March 10, 2004

Hi Disposable Hero. Thanks so much for stopping by. Slayer:A Twist of Fate sort of fell about a while ago. I was sad to see it happen, but it just didn't seem worth it anymore. If you want to read what was done on the game you can find it at http://www.1greeneye.com/boards. Also, I have been working on a story originally inspired by the game and featuring the character I played, Aleigh. There should be a site online soon featuring her stories.

Thanks again for your interest.

March 10, 2004
New Wallpapers: Julia and Orlando

There are a few other new ones in there too. Just keep clicking and you'll see them all.

March 3, 2004
New Wallpapers: Johnny

March 2, 2004
Brushes: Scratch and Bleed

New Wallpaper - "I'm Not Scared"

If you're not watching Angel lately then this one is going to go straight over your head. It looks cool anyway though. :o)