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February 28, 2005
Again With the Guestbook

message 301:
name: Jill
message: Beautiful brushes. Keep up the great work. Maybe some grunge-grid brushes?

Hi Jill. I have a few grunge grid brushes that you can find listed below. Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to sign the book.

Misc. Category:
- Gridchecks
- Motherboard
- Quilt Method
- Seattle Gridwork

February 21, 2005
From the Guestbook

name: Fleur Clarke
comments: w0w I love this site!!!! Does anyone know where I can aquire some brushes that are like wings?
9:14 am - Monday,February 21, 2005

Answer: I have some listed on the brushes site called Fragile. I think they are in the pretty-ish category. Have fun and thanks for visiting.

February 17, 2005
Feedback Needed

Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone had the time to give me some feedback on my latest art - specifically the last two on the right (above)? I am trying out some new styles and would like to know your thoughts. Both of these pieces were created for challenges at Emblem Yourself - Thanks in advance for your constructive and well thought out feedback. ~:o)

February 15, 2005
Another New Brush : Custom Accents

See the links below to preview and download Custom Accents - a brush that could be useful when adding some of those finishing touches.

Custom Accents PSP PS

February 14, 2005
NEW BRUSH : Telling Hearts

My Valentine's Day gift to you. I think these can be used in a myriad of very creative ways. Play around, add a dash of angst, and you've got some awsome artwork on your hands. Love you guys!

get the brushes: Telling Hearts :: PSP PS

February 12, 2005
Radio Blog

I found this neat little gadget and decided to play around with it. I have only added a few songs so far , but I will add more eventually. If you have dial up this probably won't be as fun for you since listening will take a bit of time. Click the 1GE RADIO button at left to listen. And stop by the site - - and play around a little yourself.

February 11, 2005
Attack of the Sniffles

Thanks for all the great comments on the layout guys. You've totally made my day especially since I'm not feeling all that great. I'm coming down with a cold or something and it's kicking my ass. I feel terrible because my daughter missed the bus this morning since I didn't hear my alarm. We both slept through the morning and she's getting a stay-home-from-school-free-card today. I'm sure she doesn't mind, but I don't like her to miss much school.

Ah.. I hate being sick. My head is killing me and I really want to go back to bed but I have a ton of things to do. Maybe I can do them later. Sleep now...

February 9, 2005
New Look

Yes, yet another new look. It's not as pretty, but I like it. It's simple yet interesting. At least I think so. Besides, I wanted more of a blog-type atmosphere around here with more room for links and such. I am still working on coming out of my shell as far as airing my self on the web with a proper blog. I just hope no one gets offended when I really let go. *giggle*

February 8, 2005
#2 On The List

I'm not the world's formost humanitarian, but I do what I can. I've been crocheting blankets for Project Linus, hats for my local homeless shelter, and I house a foodbank at my home. I also put together baskets for people in the community who have had new babies, deaths in the family, etc. I am the Community Affairs Director for NEC of WICCA and on the commitee for RPPF - even donating space for the website and running it myself. Of course those last two charitable efforts come with a little baggage. Being Pagan may not float well with some people... but I'm as spiritual as they come. I believe in Love and the essential Oneness of all things. What difference does it make what I call the 'big guy (gal) in the sky'?

So, having mentioned all of that, do you think Oprah will send me to see U2 in concert - number 2 on my "List of Things to do Before I Die"? Probably not, but you got to have goals.

"You speak of signs and wonders
I need something other
I would believe if I was able
But I'm waiting on the crumbs from your table"