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August 31, 2004
Poetry: Waking

(Believe it or not, but this was the inspiration for this layout. Stay tuned for more poetry. Coming soon...)


The Sun comes up too early
Bleeding light through trees outside my window.
Dreams invaded and quickly fading,
I stir beneath the sheets.
Eyes like butterflies,
I fight a silent battle
To hold on to the night.

The wind moves west
And the trees dance.
I remember that they dance for him.
His laughter is the music.
Soft sunlight kisses my face
And I remember the fire of his touch,
Hot skin soaked in candlelight.

I have forgotten his face, his name,
All the promises we made,
But my spirit still calls to him.
It remembers what I dreamt of last night.

LM Hutchings (lee)

About Bloody Time

Okay, so I've made some updates. Obviously the layout has changed and I make a solemn vow not to change it again for a while. Or at least until I make some more substantial updates to the content.

There is a new brush as well as an entirely new site just for the brushes. Check it out. You'll also notice some new art over there too. I am going to try to add my poetry again soon if I can find it all and get the pics up of my paintings and things. I haven't been painting much lately due to the fact that my studio is full of boxes and my extra cash is at a low. Supplies are not cheap. Anyway... hopefully I'll get my studio up and running and start some more creative things soon.

Eventually, I want to organize the art better and add a new site just for the textures. So, hold me to that.

The challenge is gone for now. I may set it up again soon, but I can't make any promises. It is very time consuming to update and I just don't have the extra breathing room lately. This seems to be a trend for a lot of people with challenge sites these days. Hmm...

Oh, does anybody know a good free tag-boad script. pisses me off with their popups. Anything for a buck, huh.

Alright, so keep checking in. I predict this week will be a productive one for 1ge. Take care.