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March 29, 2006
Newsletter: Latest Issue

After almost two years it's back and exactly how you remember it. Click above to see it. If you'd like it delivered to your inbox, join the 1GE Brushes Yahoo Group by clicking here.

March 27, 2006
E.E. Cummings Was a Painter

Did you know that E.E. Cummings was a painter? Me neither. I'm just glad I knew who E.E. Cummings was.

Of Nicolette
- found at

dreaming in marble all the castle lay
like some gigantic ghost-flower born of night
blossoming in white towers to the moon,
soft sighed the passionate darkness to the tune
of tiny troubadours,and(phantom-white)
dumb-blooming boughs let fall their glorious snows
and the unearthly sweetness of a rose
swam upward from the troubled heart of May;

a Winged Passion woke and one by one
there fell upon the night,like angel's tears,
the syllables of that mysterious prayer,
and as an opening lily drowsy-fair
(when from her couch of poppy petals peers
the sleepy morning)gently draws apart
her curtains,and lays bare her trembling heart,
with beads of dew made jewels by the sun,

so one high shining tower(which as a glass
turned light to flame and blazed with snowy fire)
unfolding,gave the moon a nymphlike face,
a form whose snowy symmetry of grace
haunted the limbs as music haunts the lyre,
a creature of white hands,who letting fall
a thread of lustre from the castle wall
glided,a drop of radiance,to the grass-

shunning the sudden moonbeam's treacherous snare
she sought the harbouring dark,and(catching up
her delicate silk)all white,with shining feet,
went forth into the dew:right wildly beat
her heart at every kiss of daisy-cup,
and from her cheek the beauteous colour went
with every bough that reverently bent
to touch the yellow wonder of her hair.

ee cummings

Getting Deep On Hallucinations

After seeing the above optical illusion - which actually works - and hearing how someone I know spent about 100$ on a bottle of Absinthe from France simply to hallucinate, I started thinking. Why do you suppose human beings want so badly to see something different - something that isn't actually there? I feel the need to psycho-babble this topic purely for my own enjoyment. If my mumblings get you thinking as well, bonus.

So, as I was thinking about this I started to see a connection with the need to hallucinate and all the ghost hunters that are trekking about the planet right now. Now, don't get me wrong. I want proof of life after death as much as the next person. (I watch all manner of ghost-type shows. Most of the time it's a bunch of BS and a dude channeling Hendrix or some other dead famous person. Very anti-climactic.) We all want some divine hand to step into our lives and show us that big bad death really isn't such a downer. Thinking you saw a shadow in a dark hallway, or feeling a cold breath on your neck means nothing but that you have eyes and there's a bloody draft in the room. Even new houses have holes folks and shadows are commonplace in poorly lit spaces. I think people need to see or feel something. I know I do. Alas, I am torn between my dreamer-self and my analytical-self. This happens to me all the time. I think maybe there's something to the law of parsimony - or Occam's Razor. The most logical conclusion is most often the right one. So, I guess it depends on the logic of the person experiencing the events. After all, perception is reality.

If you hallucinate on Absinthe and see the Green Fairy - or whatever - what will that prove? Well, basically it proves that you ingested a whole lot of wormwood. It doesn't allow you to learn or achieve anything except that you can escape inside of a little green bottle. So, I guess the question is what are we trying to escape from and why do we have to look for truth beyond what is right in front of our faces. Are we bored? Or are we seeking something greater than ourselves? Maybe it's both. I don't know where to find the answers, but I keep looking anyway.

March 20, 2006
Movie: Waiting

I just saw Waiting. It's funny in that toilet humor sort of way and occasionally quite poignant . The only reason I checked it out was for Ryan Reynolds. I think he's completely hysterical and will see anything simply because he's in it even if the movie itself is just plain bad (i.e. Blade Trinity). Anyway, if you've ever worked in a restaurant, then you need to see this movie. Everything is perfect - right down to the asshole cooks on the line and the deeply philosophical dishwashers. I think the person who wrote this screenplay must have worked in the same places I did. Or maybe it really is the same everywhere you go.

New Layout

I just couldn't help myself. That makes three layouts in less than a week. I need a life. Oh, and I also have some new textures for you... see below.

March 16, 2006
Google Earth

So, I've been playing with Google Earth. I'm sure most of you already know what this is and have probably already had some fun with it. I found my house and maybe even Stonehenge. Just type Salisbury into the search field and look to the left of the town it finds. I think that little circle might be it. Cool.

March 14, 2006

Well, this is the first piece of art I've done in a long time. I think I got really fed up with all the site troubles that I just said 'piss on it' and did nothing for too long. Anyway, here it is. Pic credit goes to


Everything seems to be up to date now. I will work on getting you some new goodies, but for now let's just relish in the lovely update and the mighty greatness of blogger.

I've done some house cleaning and there may be some things that you are looking for that you can't find. Drop me a line and I'll see if I can find what it was you were looking for. The comments feature is a great way to get a hold of me.

So, hope you're all well. Thanks for sticking with me. I think you'll find the site back on track and full of eyecandy and even more useful resources very soon. Feedback is great and an almost quaranteed way to get my ass in gear. Use the comments folks! Feed the artists and we will be good to you.

Oh, and be sure you read everything on the site. The site/more link up top has the links to the newsletter issues that a few people were looking for a while back. If you don't read it you won't find it. :)

March 10, 2006
Back to Blogger

So I am reverting this site back to Blogger - when it was last consistent and almost always updated. Give me a little more time to get things updated again since the site is currently in an older state. Hopefully, this will not take too much time to complete. Stick with me.