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April 27, 2004
New Textures Added

I've added about half a dozen new textures in the last week or so. Id be really interesting in hearing what you have to say about them since I am so new at creating them. I just couldn't help myself. Tre was a major inspiration to me. So, please do let me know what you think about my textures and if you use them successfully in any of your projects.

Unfinished Novel Brushes

Stock by Lebstock

April 22, 2004
Link Indexing

I am in the process of putting together a list of useful links related to graphic art. If you have any suggestions, please make them by clicking the title of this post. It would be really great to have some help with this. The site does not have to belong to you - you just have to like it and verify that it is a good resource.

This won't go live for awhile since I want to gather some links, but if you are interested in helping out and have a nice list of links handy, please add them.

April 20, 2004
Abandoned Photo Brush Set


Award From Ingenue

I put up my award the same day I recieved it, but I fogot to mention it here. I was graced with first place for the 'Pouty Lips' challenge at Ingenue. Thanks Jenn! You're amazing.



Check it out! I've been playing around with making my own textures lately since recently visiting ofthesky.net and using Tre's lovely creations there. So, now there are about 21 of my experimental textures for you to play with. See the link in the menu or click the title of this blog entry to see them. A few are posted for your to see below.

Two New Pieces

I have two new ones I want to show you guys. Both are challenge entries, but the second one I am not sure I like very much. So, leave me some comments so I can see if it is worth submitting to Jenn at Ingenue. Click them to go to their gallery pages and make them bigger.

This is the one I need some feedback on... ???

April 19, 2004
Which Mad Mad House Alt Are You?

Okay, so this is kind of stupid, but I'm bored.

Iya Ta'Shia
Iya Ta'Shia the Voodoo Priestess

Which Mad Mad House Alt Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Goodie Goodies! Blech!

For those of you who may share in my most recent of guilty pleasures, Mad Mad House (on SciFi) -- Go here: http://www.scifi.com/madmadhouse/downloads/ and watch week 7 - Loana Reveals All and then answer me this: Who do I have to blow to get Loana eliminated?

I Won an Award

Last week (I think) I recieved site of the week from Hiranthi Webdesign. I think it was last week since I was so perturbed with my web host that I forgot all about it. Anyway, thanks so much Hiranthi! I'm honored. view award

April 15, 2004
Faux Muse

Faux Muse is back! Go there now and enter into one of the current challenges. No really. Go now.

Remember When

Do you recall a time before weblogs when streamlined templates were not the norm? I do. I also remember the fun little web sets that people used to create for free before the blog generation. The graphics all matched, little buttons all lined up in a row, and they were usually very colorful and creative. I used to want to be like the people who made those sets. I used to want to be Kitty Mead and for a while I had fun with it.

Anyway, apon returning to some of those sites recently I found that the majority of them are charging people now. This made me sad. What has happened to the internet? Is nothing sacred? Everything is subscribe here, add to cart there, and don't forget to donate before you leave. Have they forgotten why they started doing it in the first place? Not to make money, but because they were artistic and they thought it was fun. They enjoyed creating things for people and hearing how much they liked them - seeing people using their designs all over the web. I know whenever I see someone using my stuff I get all warm and fuzzie. Then I remember why I have this website in the first place. Because it makes me happy to make other people happy. That may sound like a bunch of BS - becuase frankly if I saw that on someone's site I'd roll my eyes and click on out of there - but it's true. I promise.

I pay money for this site, that much is true, but it is a concious purchase on my part every year. I have avoided adding a 'tip jar' (paypal donations) because all I want is to know you like the stuff and see it used on the web. Oh, and a link to my site of course. Just don't be a butt face about it okay.


Can anyone access this page or is it just me? http://www.1greeneye.com/ I kepp being told I do not have permission to access the page - or any page on that domain. Good news though - I can upload to the .com now! Yay! So, we just have to resolve this other issue and Fragile Muse is back.

April 14, 2004
Note to Chris

I also found this in my notebook. Hillarious!

Wandering Through An Old Notebook

(also posted in poetry)

I was flipping through an old, beaten up notebook of mine toady when I found the following interesting passages. Oh, so maybe it's not that old. I think it's from a couple years ago at the most. Anyway - here are the rough drafts and unfinished things I found.

Your eyes are telling me secrets that your heart can not reach.
Too intent on lonliness for the misery to ever cease.
Holding on too tight with fear for a friend.
Catapulting with delight on the thought of ever-after once again.

Be still little ray of hope,
Don't grow to be so large
That your owner won't
allow reality to shine its light.
Without that constant - you will cease to exist.

Cry for the young one who knew life so short a time.
Morn for the beautiful as they fade away from the light.
Weep for the memories and hold tight to your past...


So, it didn't take a day or two. Thank goodness for php includes. I hope everyone digs the new layout, but truth be told, I like it - so that's what really matters. Everything should be in order except for Fragile Muse. Damn .com server is still down. I am getting pissy about it too. Anyway... hang out for a bit and chill out with the new digs around here. It's very soothing I think.

Design Regression

So, I've gone back to my usual style. Cluttered, but organized. I like it. Bare with me as I get the rest of the pages changed. It may take a day or two to have everything formatted to match this page. Thanks guys!

April 13, 2004
Fragile Muse Submissions

To those of you who have sent me entries for Fragile Muse - I have recieved them all and I will get them up on the site as soon as the .com server is active again. It seems they are upgrading the system and ftp access is down. Sorry for the inconvenience. I may be extending the deadline due to this problem. I will let you know.

April 12, 2004
If You Understand This, Explain It To Me

I don't think it's possible for anyone to truly know another person. We walk around on this rock feeling alone... disconnected. I don't think we are disconnected, but we think we are. I think everything is completely connected - one. But somewhere along the line we forgot. Or maybe we were meant to struggle for a while with this human condition of lonliness until one day we figure it all out... We are all parts of the whole. We are waves who are afraid to crest and crash because we do not realise we are the ocean. But then again, there are parts of myself that I don't know and don't understand. So, even if we do figure out that we're connected, will we get the chance to know each other then? Will we finally be able to stop searching for each other - for connection with another soul? Will we be able to stop aching for each other then? Because, don't you feel that? Don't you feel that ache for something - maybe someone. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I know I am searching. I have turned that quest into one of spirituality, but I cannot know for sure that I am on the path that will lead to the answers - to a connection of souls.

Updated Design

I am really liking the new look! I hope you do too. It may not view right in everyone's browser, but to that I must say please go get an updated version of your browser! IE is best, but at this point even Netscape (bleh) supports frameless pop ups and css to the best of my knowledge. If not, then once again sorry. Get IE. Oh, and I am sure mac users will have trouble. To that I say sorry - get Windows. :) Please leave me a little note to let me know how everything is looking to you.


It seems the server issues have been resolved! I am still having problems with the .com server, but this one seems okay anyway. So, those of you that have sent in entries to Fragile Muse I will be getting them up asap. Which means whenever my host gets the .com server upgraded.

I have some ideas for a new design, but I am not sure how to go about it yet. Look for a new 1greeneye for the future. I was thinking about making things less simple, but then I always get frustrated with it. So I am trying to think of a way to keep it simple yet somehow spice it up. Hmm... what do you think?

April 7, 2004
Yep, It's Time to Get Personal

So, I think now that I've made my little resolution to open up more I may be blogging my ass off for a while. You gonna wish I never learned to type.

I didn't sleep last night. Not a frickin' wink. I think I'm officially an insomniac. I'm not really tired now though. I'm more kind of high due to sleep deprevation - you know that point where you get so tired that you're just goofy. I'm there. All I can do is smoke cigarettes and think about doing dirty things to Sully Erna even if he is a bit of a munchkin. I usually like guys who about 6 feet tall. Sully is 5'5", but I could live with that.

Why the sudden infatuation with Mr. Erna? Well, I went to a Godsmack concert on Monday night and saw the cute little guy in the flesh. He was yummy and really looked to be of average height. Maybe he was wearing lifts. Hmmm? Something to ponder later. Anyway, he did a drum duet with the drummer that blew me away. Now I must have him. I'll just have to get really good at willing things to happen. Thought creates form folks - humor me. And, as long as he's on my 'list' than I can't get in trouble with my significant other. Time to edit the 'list'. Want to know who else is on the list? Probably not, so I'll just let you wonder.


So I have been trying to figure out why I have always avoided talking about real life stuff in my blog. Basically it seems I almost always just used it as a place to post updates and aquire feedback on my brushes, art, etc. I have wanted to sit down and write my thoughts before, but usually I think that you guys won't care. Or maybe I'm the one who doesn't care. I think about a lot of crazy shit and getting it all out into real sentences can be a bit difficult, so I just don't bother.

I think I was also worried about getting too personal. Like, maybe someone I know will read this and judge me or get pissed... whatever. Here's a scenario: I'm depressed and feeling like offing myself one day and I write about it in my blog. Then my mom comes along and reads it. She is naturally a little wigged out. I mean, I may be 26 but my mom still worries. So, anyway... she reads it, gets the wiggins, and checks me into the closest mental ward. See what I mean?

Anyway, my point is that I think I might start getting a little more personal on my "personal" website. And I am going to warn everyone ahead of time. Okay?

April 6, 2004
New Challenge Site Added to Projects

If you haven't noticed I added a Collage Challenge site to the Projects list. I was inspired by the beautiful Jenn of Ingenue. She's fantastic and does great collaging. Yeah Baby! Anyway... go compete. The first round of challenges runs until April 17, so scoot on over to Fragile Muse. Go! Do it now Goober.

Holy Templates Batman

Yes, I finally got them back up. They're not really displayed fancy in any way, but at least they're accessible, right. So far there is a list of the templates available. Click the name to preview and then download if you like.

I have noticed a few things like missing style sheets, and funny looking details... not sure how some of that happened, but I did get a new computer so maybe things just look different on my XP powered Dell than they did on my ME powered Compaq. Who knows? Anyway, I will be fixing these things asap.

April 5, 2004

I just wanted to apologize to you guys for not getting my butt in gear to put the templates back up. I guess I am just not motivated to recode the pages... I promise the next time I get a working bug up my butt I will get them up again. Just bare with me if you can. I know I can be a bit of a slacker at times, but I really do try. I think I am just so focused on creating new collages that I can barely think about doing anything else. Not to mention time is certainly an issue at times. So, remember that I love you guys and if you want it I do my best to give it to you.

And The Art Just Keeps On Coming

April 3, 2004
Challenges from Ingenue