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November 29, 2004
Using PSP7 Brushes in PSP8

Recently I have heard a few people saying that they wished 1ge had brushes for psp8. Well guess what? You can use brushes made with psp7 in psp8. All you have to do is import them. Click the link to find out how.

UPDATE! PSP9 has the same import options and the same procedure above applies. Thanks Jason L.

November 26, 2004
Reborn to the Land of Pixels

I'm back online and typing on my new keyboard which is connected to my new computer. I am very happy and hope to bring you some new goodies soon. Packaged with my computer was psp8 so look for some new brushes soon. I'm not sure I like the psp8 brush system just yet. The brushes can be bigger which I like, but you can only make one brush per file. I was a big fan of the one file = a whole set of brushes. Ah well... I'll figure something out.

Okay, new art to the right. It's a little on the creepy side, but if you think metaphorically with the lyrics I think you can get past that. There were some amazing new SMG pics from that I couldn't resist.

Alright I'm off to make the house xmas-like. Take care and keep checking in since I know I will be getting really creative soon.

November 5, 2004
Geeky Ennui

So my computer is making this awful sound. I think the hard drive is going to explode or something - thus why I have not been online a lot to make updates to the site. I am hoping to get it repaired/replaced asap so bare with me on updates until I get a chance to do that. I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the fall breezes.