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Save the Net

September 21, 2004
Comments on A Guestbook Entry

name: eye
email: ergo@raw.kom
comments: If you're indifferent to God, c'est la guerre. Maybe... possibly... my URL will help you get the most outta your Finite Existence so I don't fear for your soul.
3:44 pm - Monday,September 20, 2004

Okay, so I have to ask at what point and at what place on this site does it say anything about me being "indifferent to god"? Eye, do please come back and elaborate on your unfounded comments. Let's debate this conclusion that you have come to based on the information you have found in this site. Oh, and don't fear for my soul. It is well taken care of daily.

By the way guys: there is some new art and new textures available. Yay, an update!