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Save the Net

January 24, 2004
Good News!

The brushes are back and hopefully they are still fairly user friendly. They are now organized into psp7/ps6 categories. There is a preview page to look at the brushes before you download.

I am still trying to get everything put together, so bare with me if you run into some 404s. I'll have it done asap. But, at least I got the brushes up.

Well, I'm off. There is so much to do, and I just wish everything was back to normal. Ughh... I love my host, but this is ridiculous.

Sign the guestbook and let me know how the brushes are working out in this format. You have to use the guestbook or send me an email because the bloody comments will not work since they run on cgi. Bloody Hell! Sorry... good air in, bad air out. :o) Love you guys.

Cheers and Drunken Smiles,