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Save the Net

February 2, 2004

I was inspired to paint last night. Not sure where it came from, but I just had to do it. What came out is a probably my most beloved piece. There's one problem though. My camera is being stupid, or maybe it's my computer, and I can't show it to you. To me, that just plain sucks since I would love to see what everyone thinks about it. Yes, I'm a whore for feedback, but we know that already. Artists need to be fed. That's a fact. Anyway, as soon as I can I will get the picture online and share it with you all.

Oh, while painting I sometimes just space out and let my hands move without thinking about what I am doing. This happened last night and when I looked up at the painting I had scratched words into it. I have some interesting ideas, but I want to know what you may think it means. Think of it as dream interpretation.

"Answers buried underground
No hiding now
It's time to hear the sound"