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Save the Net

April 15, 2004
Remember When

Do you recall a time before weblogs when streamlined templates were not the norm? I do. I also remember the fun little web sets that people used to create for free before the blog generation. The graphics all matched, little buttons all lined up in a row, and they were usually very colorful and creative. I used to want to be like the people who made those sets. I used to want to be Kitty Mead and for a while I had fun with it.

Anyway, apon returning to some of those sites recently I found that the majority of them are charging people now. This made me sad. What has happened to the internet? Is nothing sacred? Everything is subscribe here, add to cart there, and don't forget to donate before you leave. Have they forgotten why they started doing it in the first place? Not to make money, but because they were artistic and they thought it was fun. They enjoyed creating things for people and hearing how much they liked them - seeing people using their designs all over the web. I know whenever I see someone using my stuff I get all warm and fuzzie. Then I remember why I have this website in the first place. Because it makes me happy to make other people happy. That may sound like a bunch of BS - becuase frankly if I saw that on someone's site I'd roll my eyes and click on out of there - but it's true. I promise.

I pay money for this site, that much is true, but it is a concious purchase on my part every year. I have avoided adding a 'tip jar' (paypal donations) because all I want is to know you like the stuff and see it used on the web. Oh, and a link to my site of course. Just don't be a butt face about it okay.