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May 31, 2004
General Site Updates

Okay, so Fragile Muse is gone... not to worry though - you can still enter the Challenge on this page. Look in the center column. Those of you that entered the last series of challenges at FM, I will get the awards out to you asap.

Also, the brush section may be down for a few hours since I am having upload troubles. Actually I can only upload html files and the brush page is a php file. Weird huh? I don't know...

I'm currently doing some fine tuning to this design as well. Speaking of the design, I recieved a question about it in the guestbook. The question basically was why don't I have any templates like the designs you can find on my site... Well, because I want the site to be original all the time and not look like anyone elses. If I put out a template like this particular design then there would be mass produced carbon copies of it everywhere. So, thanks for the question, but I won't be making this design available any time soon. Sometimes when I get sick of a design I make it into a template. So it may happen someday.

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