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July 1, 2004
Can't Sleep Boxes Will Eat Me...

Okay, so we've moved in - sort of. It took two days and a giant Uhaul to get the job done, but all of our crap is now inside of the house. We are by no means settled in, but I am hoping by the end of next week we will be comfortably organized enough to move around and not feel smothered. Tonight will be the first night we sleep in the house - I'm at my in-laws as I write this. Thank goodness for their brand new Dell. I needed a fix. :)

Anyway, I want you all to pray that the cable company has an opening before the ninth. I can't wait to get back. I think I'm going to work on a new layout in the meantime - well, as soon as I get my pc connected again. I also have some textures to work on. I found a book that is over a hundred years old and scanned in some of the pages. Very cool. Can't wait to give them to you. Oh, and wait until you see the grungy stock I got from my garage walls. Amazing. I think the future may contain textures, textures, and more textures. Damn, I have to make textures: page two...

Okay lots of work to do guys. I'll try to keep you updated on my cable installation. hehe.

Congrats on getting moved in!!! I hope the unpacking goes smoothly for you, and that the cable gets connected soon ;) I look forward to seeing the textures! Thanks for everything you share with the rest of are awesome :D
Goodluck with settling in.

Looking forward to the rextures :)
Congratulations, and good luck with unpacking!

Just commenting to let you know I *love* your textures/brushes, and I use them regularly for my icons/wallpapers. You're credited on my site,
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