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July 30, 2004
Dammit Potzer!

I know. I'm a slacker. I'm a bit fat geek slacker. I have been looking for a good subject for the new challenge, but I have not seen a celeb, model, etc that I feel inspired by. Wanna help? Send me some ideas! Hmm... what else? Oh, yeah I need to break up the textures into more than one page, make the thumbs for the art smaller, and probably more...

Oh, I promised you guys some cool stock and textures didn't I? Well, it would help if I could find the usb cable to my camera. Moving is hell. I can't find anything anymore.

Anyway - about the new layout: It's Ed Norton from a really interesting magazine contents page. I was totally inspired by it so I couldn't wait to get the new layout up. See where my priorities are... I have a layout fetish or something. I will work on my slacker issues soon... honest.

And I actually have a new art piece to get up, but I simply haven't found the time to do it. Maybe tomorrow. For now I am off to the land of a good night's sleep. I need it. Can't you tell with my worthless blathering? Yep... 'night. New crap to come soon... promise.

omg i LOVE this layout! it's so awesome. it looks just like a magazine content page. only cooler :D have you tried or for pics? those are two of my fave sites.
that comment was by me Lee. sorry (Jenn from HWY)
This layout is just so amazing!! I love the clean feel of it... It reminds me of a table of contents sort of thing.. love it!!! Well... let's see.. perhaps you couldmake the new contest of Ed Norton? I know I would love to collage him ;) I think a male would be the best... most people do females... ok I shall shut up now.
heya! cool layout! yeah moving in a pain in butt!! I hope you find your stuff:D I was wondering, could you make brushes for PSP, with "halftone dots" which seem to be quite popular these days? It would be great if you could :D if not its fineeeeee =D for your challenge, you could use Ashlee Simpson? or Keira Knightley? :D Just suggestions lol anyway have fun cyaaaaaa!

I like you layout a lot! Its nifty! Do you think Lindsey Lohan or Elijah Wood would inspire you? They have been acting since their youth and are very talented and sweet people. Oh, and you could also use a band. Like Amy lee from Evanescence. I hope I helped you!
Hey Lee, I think using a band for a challenge is a great idea. Taking Back Sunday would be a really good band to use because they just got their new album released and were big on the Leak on MTV recently. They are really amazing musicians and don't get much credit for things like this. Just a suggestion. Later dayz.

Hey, I think the collage challenge should be of Mark Ruffalo or Elijah Wood. Mark Ruffalo has done so much since he started acting and it only been a short amount of time. He is an awesome actor. Elijah Wood has been in movies since he was 8 and is still around. Plus, he was the star of the greatest trilogy ever!
Tom Cruise in Collateral seems pretty interesting. Of course, that is because he is the most gorgeous thing alive. Yup yup *nods*

btw, your site rocks. Especially the brushes!

~Ghetto (
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