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July 18, 2004
New Art

New art featuring Leaf Pheonix. Or Jaoquin Pheonix. Whatever you prefer. Anyway, everything used is mine - even a new texture I haven't released yet mainly because I think it sucks. The piece is called "Come Back" which is part of the text I added to the collage. The text is mine too... at the top - "when the day breaks on the clouds I know you're there looking down, so I smile into the sun with joy and remember your face" and the rest I think is easy to read.

Hey Lee! I can't believe I've never visited this place before because your art is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! I love the way you incorporate pen squiggles with photographs of real people. It's probably the most novel idea anyone has ever had! Anyway, it adds such uniqueness to your art and I just couldn't help not commenting on it. Keep up the awesome work...I'll come back to see your new arts ^_^
hey lee, great redesign, even better choice of picture thanks!

one thing though, this window is a little small, isn't it?
i always love your layouts! i wish i could create something so pretty :)

(blogger should get a space for that stuff!)
the Ryan Gosling collage is THE BEST! god I love that. it makes me think of the UK subway or just the UK in general. i'm not sure why :/ But I still love it :) I'm just writing to say hi. and see how you're doing. i hope you're doing good in your new place and everything. and i love this layout. JQ is so sexy. i like that you can't see his face.

Jenn (
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