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Save the Net

September 21, 2004
Comments on A Guestbook Entry

name: eye
email: ergo@raw.kom
comments: If you're indifferent to God, c'est la guerre. Maybe... possibly... my URL will help you get the most outta your Finite Existence so I don't fear for your soul.
3:44 pm - Monday,September 20, 2004

Okay, so I have to ask at what point and at what place on this site does it say anything about me being "indifferent to god"? Eye, do please come back and elaborate on your unfounded comments. Let's debate this conclusion that you have come to based on the information you have found in this site. Oh, and don't fear for my soul. It is well taken care of daily.

By the way guys: there is some new art and new textures available. Yay, an update!

Hmm. Must have been the 'all gods are one' and the 'born again pagan' blinkies. Because everyone knows how much weight a blinkie carries!
Damn those blinkies.

They're biproducts of satan! We must get rid of the blinkies! *cough*

I love people who are so caught up in themselves they actually think what they are saying is smart and informative when really all their doing is making an ass out of themselves. They make me laugh.
hey this is hannah from

I cant remember my blogger details so I'll tell you who I am above!

I don't know where you find the time to make all these amazing textures, but I'm so grateful to you, and I really hope you do keep it up :D
name: Amelia
email: amelia@indierocket.neturl: I think he/she might have read your little bio. Although, from what a got, you are a decent person with a love for nature and family... I dont know what he/she was reading. Anyways, I wanted to let you know that I used one of your textures and a few of your brushes to make the main (and only image) in my site. If you'd like to see it, it's right here.
did someone say textures? just when i felt like i was running out of places to look. keep it up, your textures make my day!
oh dear..Pagans,Wicca we're all destined to burn in hell..which would be slightly disturbing if I believed in hell...hmmm arent you fortunate enough to have a stranger worry about your soul ? I wonder if I can get fries with mine ? the thing about weird people is -that they think everybody else is weird.. chew on that for a while eh ? Ana
everything you do is satanic. duh
hey! whether you are pagan, or christian, or jewish, or muslim, or buddhist, or hindu...a friend who truly fears for your soul will actually pray, not simply say they will pray, is a good friend to have on hand.

a valuble prayer warrior will likely not tell you they are praying for you.

everyone believes their prayers will be heard, and everyone knows that YHVH doesn't always answer prayer in the way one would hope it's answered.

loving your neighbor as yourself is the single most valuable piece of wisdom that reverberates around the world. and seldom ever adhere to it lest give it conscious notice.

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