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December 2, 2004
New Stuff Coming Soon

Hey guys. Yeah, there's some new stuff on the way. I have taken a new approach on my textures that I hope everyone will dig. And the brushes are full of texture goodness. You can even paint with some of them as opposed to just stamping with them. I like them and I hope you will too. So stay tuned. I may even end up putting these yummies in a newsletter edition. Hmm... maybe.

Anyway, I am working dilligently on bringing you some new things to play with. Well sort of dilligently... in between all the many other things I have going on. Did I tell you I started crocheting a lot. Probably not. Crochet is'nt just your granny's hobby anymore. It's actually really amazing and with all the cool new yarns out there you can create some amazing designs. Jessica Simpson is wearing crochet. I'm not sure that's a good thing though. She's dumb as a brick so you might not want to take her word for it. But I'm only dumb as a post so you might be able to take my word for it. :) But the godless heathen thing is a strike against me. Damn spawn-of-satan blinkies. And Jessica is a good Christian Republican. Like I said, dumb as a brick. I'm sorry, did I say that out loud. I was kidding.
Honestly folks.
I was kidding.
Big fat joke.
Come on... I wouldn't say something like that and mean it. That would piss off my friend Karma. She's a bitch, you know.

Wow, what a tangent. From new goodies, to crochet, to Jessica Simpson, to religion and politics. Bad Lee. Bad!

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