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January 12, 2005
Sick as A Dog

I never really thought about what that phrase meant before until four days ago when my dog started throwing up everything that went into his stomach. It's a pretty disgusting site to see undigested, unchewed dog food come flying from the mouth of a little beagle. He can't even keep water down. It comes back looking like egg whites. I know, gross.

Needless to say Barney is at the vet right now getting some liquids through an IV and being fed a large meal with a dose of some vomit-causing medicine. They also talked about giving him some radioactive stuff to make the foreign objects in his body stand out better on the x-ray. There seems to be something large lodged in his stomach. It could be any number of things since he chews and swallows just about anything he can get his little paws on. The vet said she pulled pieces of a sweatshirt, zipper and all from a dog last week.

I know he will be alright, but I am nervous anyway.

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