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Save the Net

June 28, 2006

So I've been watching that Pauly Shore show on TBS - Minding the Store. I don't think it's currently airing, but it's being offered on OnDemand. It's sad that I watch OnDemand shows during my free time - "free time" translates to boring, late night, cheese eating slothdom. Anyway, it can not possibly be "real" reality tv. I know these people are eccentric and all, but I am sure that I caught them acting a few times. Besides, no one is that retarded on a regular basis. It's impossible. How would he even function in the normal world?

Another thing, no one around him seems to have a sense of humor. I refuse to believe that is genuine. Two minutes with him and I'd be laughing my ass off.

The show also makes it seem as though Pauly has a hard time with the ladies. I doubt that. If he asked me to lean over all porn-starish I'd laugh at him and call him an ass. Then I'd probably ask him to show me his weasel. But I have a sense of humor and would not be so easily offended by a cute, funny little jewish man.

Oh well, enough of that. The show makes me laugh and brings back fond memories of when Pauly Shore movies were something I watched on a regular basis (I still remember lines from Encino Man) and MTV was cool. Plus, I like to think Lisa, Lisa (The One I Adore) is all about me. (yeah right...) And i'm seriously thinking about buying one of those t-shirts.

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