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June 26, 2006
Words as Image

I am very often inspired by words and phrases. I have been known to play the "band name game" where odd combinations of words sound so great together that I jot them down in my list of "great possible band names". (My all time favorite being "Apocalypse Audrey". If I ever have a band that is what it will be called.) Lately I have been seeing these word mixtures as very real inspiration for paintings, drawings, etc. Below are a few of my most recent favorites. Many of these I can credit as coming out of the mouth of my best friend. She has a flair for mixing words.

- Cigarettes and Lesbians
- Parking Lot Rock
- Dead Man's Jeans
- Blue Moose

The phrases above were uttered during our road trip to the Adirondack Mountains this weekend. We had a great time and lots of wine. The mountains were completely amazing. I would love to be able to wake up and see them surrounded by the lake everyday. I'm inspired by them, but not really in a "I want to paint that" kind of way. (I'll leave the mountainous landscapes to Bob Ross.) They inspire my soul more than anything which makes me want to create.

Anyway, I have some preliminary sketches of "Cigarettes and Lesbians" already done. I plan to paint it as soon as I get over my extreme wino lethargy.

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